Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Has Been Released -- and this one's BIG!

(Stay tuned to Core for upcoming, informative Webinars about CRM 2015 and the soon to be released Spring Update)Microsoft CRM from Core Solutions

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM - designated CRM 2015 - has been released. Enhancements found in version 2015 include, but are not limited to, global search, hierarchical views, product families and bundles, more sophisticated business rules, and the ability to customization process flow. Dynamics CRM took a big step toward this flatter navigational approach, but it was conditional.

With the 2013 release, a top navigation ribbon appears on all Entities. Hovering over navigational tiles now opens links to MRU's (Most Recently Used) items. These tiles are scrollable (with your mouse wheel), so every item associated with any Entity is easily reachable, and you continue to work in one window!

There are a couple of ways to go "Back," to previous views. And there's a comprehensive design interface so you can create Business Process Flows. These are highly-customizable work processes, which can really streamline any common task you perform within CRM. Imagine you're in an Opportunity and, displayed in a menu across the top of your CRM screen, are the 5 steps you need to perform to move the Opportunity to Close. Click your way through the process and the appropriate fields required to complete that step appear at the top of the screen. Very intuitive and a real time-saver. Now with even more enhancement to social listening, cases, and the aforementioned rules, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 has taken the CRM experience to a new level. There are many more features, and we'll be telling you about them in a series of upcoming Webinars.

At Core, we're doing some very exciting things in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Customized features that save time, increase efficiency and assure accuracy. Contact us for a Demo.

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