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Microsoft CRM, GoldMine, Infor Resellers & Consultants MA, CT, NH, RI
Financial Services

We have designed dozens of CRM systems for Financial Service clients. These systems allow detailed tracking of various funds and investments. They also provide easy tracking of contact relationships, not only with family members but also with attorneys, accountants and advisors.

Custom Workflows keep our clients apprised of upcoming milestones -- birthdays, anniversaries, annual reviews and suitability updates, all managed through automated alerts. Custom fields keep your database segmented for focused Marketing.

Microsoft CRM, GoldMine, Infor Resellers & Consultants MA, CT, NH, RI

Comprehensive database design and years of experience provides our Manufacturing clients with detailed, easy-to-access tracking of sales forecasts, pipelines, product specs, pricing and more. Integrated quotation applications make custom, consistent proposals easy to create and manage. Call lists and easily-scheduled follow-up activities keep your sales team on top of things and you apprised of who's doing what.

Campaigns can be managed and responses tracked. Know where your leads, the ones that count, are coming from. Sales Dashboards provide graphical displays of progress and potential. Security settings provide protection wherever you need it.

Microsoft CRM, GoldMine, Infor Resellers & Consultants MA, CT, NH, RI

Case tracking is a big component of any CRM application in the Technology field. Cases can be automatically assigned, re-assigned, and escalated. Efficacy reports present management with the benchmarks they need to stay competitive.

A comprehensive, searchable knowledgebase provides your support staff with consistent information that not only solves current problems, but also leads to future product enhancement.

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