GoldMine eMarketing Training
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A 5-Module* Series -- scheduled by Client request

*each module includes its own "A Day in the Life of a GoldMine eMarketeer" guide in pdf format)

Module1: Optimizing GoldMine for eMarketing

  • Optimizing Key Fields
  • Adding User Defined Fields
  • Optimizing Lookup Lists
  • Implementing E-mail Merge Codes
  • Adding the User Named MARKET
Module2: Designing HTML E-mail Templates
This module requires HTML editing software, eg. Dreamweaver or FrontPage
  • Designing the E-mail
  • Creating the HTML
  • Managing Graphics
  • Playing by the Rules of Responsible eMarketing
  • Creating the GoldMine E-mail Template from the HTML
Module3: Performing the E-Mail Merge
  • Selecting Recipients
  • Setting the Proper History Options
  • Processing the Returns
Module4: Creating a WebImport Form
  • Designing Your Web Form
  • Creating the Webimport Form
  • Creating the Script to Process the Form
  • Setting Up an E-mail Account
  • Testing the Form
Module5: Defining E-mail Rules and Automated Processes (APs)
  • Setting Up and Testing E-Mail Rules
  • Setting Up and Testing APs
  • Using Server Agents to Process APs

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